Cold Citrus Noodles + Creamy Peanut Slaw

If you don’t really like cooking or spending any length of time over the stove or you simply just don’t have a lot of time on your hands, then these are the recipes for you. All you have do is chop some veg, mix up the dressings and boil some rice noodles and you’re done!

Its also 100% raw, except the rice noodles so you’re getting all that raw veg goodness.

Here are the recipes for Cold Citrus Noodles and Creamy Peanut Slaw.

The peanut slaw is really versatile and can be used as a side dish to so many other things like grilled veg, marinated tofu, noodles and many more. Also who doesn’t love peanut butter though.

Sometimes I really love this kind of cooking, fresh and crunchy. I particularly liked the citrus dressing for the noodles, it really added some zing. The noodles could also be used as a really good base onto which you add other ingredients. You could use them as part of a buddha bowl or serve them on a bed of greens.

Sometimes, simplicity is best.

Have a great week!



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