Pad Thai with Dry Fried Tofu

This week I wanted to try out some Thai food as its something I really don’t eat that often and Pad Thai seemed like the perfect place to start. Pad Thai is simply a stir fried rice noodle dish and is probably the most well known Thai dish. It can be made using tofu, fish or anything really!

This was so quick and easy and the veg tasted so crisp and fresh, I loved it!

Please find the recipe link below from my favourites at Thug Kitchen. One thing that particularly surprised me about this recipe was the dry fried tofu, which if you’re a tofu hater, please give it a chance! You just gotta cook it right, and there are so many ways to cook it. Cooked this way, you don’t use any oil which is what surprised me, just tofu and salt. I thought I’d let you know how I prepare it.

How I prepare firm tofu:

  • Start by buying a block of firm tofu. This one from Cauldron is the one I used and can be bought at most supermarkets.
  • Cut open the packaging and drain it of all the water. Then you want to get rid of as much of the liquid as possible to make the tofu dry.
  • Place the tofu on a low dish, then place a plate onto of the tofu. On top of this plate, place 2-3 cans to add some weight which will push the liquid out of the tofu.
  • Leave it like this for at least an hour. A good couple of hours is best if you can, the longer the better.
  • Get rid of the last of the liquid off of the plate and it’s ready to cook!

I hope you love this, and any recommendations of vegan Thai dishes would be massively appreciated, particularly desserts!



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