Sticky Toffee Pudding

As I was deciding what to cook this week I realised I hadn’t made any desserts recently so I thought I’d make a common one on any British pub menu and one that I am so excited to share!

This sticky toffee pudding recipe is incredible and I really mean it. Please try it if you can. Of course it is vegan but I don’t feel like it compromises on taste and texture at all by not having eggs or cow butter in it. The dates are what make it for me. Im a big fan of dates, they’re like natures caramel!

To make this pudding I used about 3/4 of medjool dates and the rest some chopped dates. I would always say go for medjool dates over any other if you can as they are so sticky and gooey and are just pure things of beauty. However, they are horrifically expensive at times and I think this would still have tasted great with just chopped dates. Recipe below:

The sponge is so moist and is made up of a fantastic combination of dates, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and is so easy to make. The toffee sauce is also so easy to make, you just melt up golden syrup, brown sugar, vegan butter and vanilla essence then when that’s all melted add some soya cream and stir!

The quantities on this recipe did make a lot of the sponge and ALOT of the toffee sauce. Depending on what toffee to sponge ratio you like, rest assured you will not be short on toffee sauce.

I really hope you like this one!

Also, great news from France last week making it law that all slaughterhouses must have video cameras in! If interested, the link is below.



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