Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Burger with Dijon Coated Wedges

So you still want a burger and chips but you also wanna give the cows are break? No problem! There are loads of ingredients that are plant based that you can use to replace beef. Tofu, aubergine, lentils, beans but my absolute favourite and the one I want to show you is the mushroom.

Portobello mushrooms are such a meaty ingredient they can replace beef in a burger no problem! Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian they’re a great healthier option.

Their flesh is so dense and ‘meaty’ and they soak up a lot liquid so whatever you stuff them with, they will soak in all that flavoursome goodness. Handily, they’re also just the exact same size as your average meat burger. Isn’t nature just perfect like that. You can also eat about four of these burgers without getting that feeling of being put into a food coma for four solid days straight. Nobody wants that.

Mushrooms also have loads of amazing health benefits. They can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and they’re high in vitamin D. Did you know mushrooms are also a great source of calcium? Who knew?

Here is the recipe:

These were really easy to make. I really really liked the Dijon mustard coating on the wedges. The flavour it created was really subtle but really good! Who doesn’t love a burger and chips.




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