Nut Roast + Hasselback Potatoes + Orange and Maple Roast Carrots + Vegan Gravy

Vegan Christmas dinner take two! Here I wanted to try recipes that were slightly more complex than my last Christmas dinner attempt. However, all the recipes I used here were not incredibly complicated.

So, recipe number one.

This is absolutely delicious! Very different from the other recipe I tried but I really liked it! I think with roast dinners they tend to be quite heavy at times so it was really nice to have something that tasted quite light and fresh. The spinach, avocado and tofu spread sitting atop a thin nut roast layer definitely changed my perceptions as to what a nut roast should be. It wasn’t too tricky to make either! Definitely a winner for me.

Now, Hasselback potatoes. I bloody love the humble potatoe. Just the look of them makes you want to eat them. So crispy on the outside, and creating cuts all along the body of the potatoe allows you to drizzle all kinds of yummy oils right into the flesh. This recipe is only a couple of ingredients too so its super easy and they look pretty impressive with minimal effort! Here it is: Delicious!

After last weeks failed gravy attempt, I was on the hunt for a new recipe. I stumbled across Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls recipe on Youtube. Here it is below.


This gravy was so much better! A lot more ingredients but so much richer in flavour than the last one. Really easy to make and when you strain the veg through a sieve to get the juice out, it’s really thick and full. Perfect.

Now, about the carrots and parsnips. I know they look a little burnt but I prefer the term ‘well done’. I messed up my timings a bit, but the ones that weren’t so burnt tasted really nice. The taste of oranges is definitely one that instantly makes me feel festive. So, although they were a little ‘well done’, they tasted great!

Last but not least, where would Christmas be without Delia Smith. An absolutely firm favourite of my Mums, ‘Delia Smiths Christmas’ has seen me and my family through many a fantastic Christmas dinner, so I thought I’d give her sautéed brussel sprouts with chestnuts a go.

I personally hate it when anyone over cooks vegetables so they turn to mush. Also, if you overcook your vegetables they start to lose all that beautiful nutrients! But Delia understands this as these sprouts still had a fantastic and satisfying crunch to them which I loved.

Merry Christmas!






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