Easy Nut Roast + Thyme and Garlic Potatoes + Maple Roasted Carrots

This is my practice number one for Christmas day. I wanted everything on this plate to be super easy to make. I’ve never had a nut roast before so when I saw this recipe on the Vegan Society website which only had eight ingredients, I couldn’t wait to try. It really puts me off when you see a recipe you really want to make but it has 30+ ingredients. Uhhhh no thanks.

So lets talk about the nut roast. Here’s the recipe: https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/recipes/special-occasions/easy-nut-roast

I feel like nut roasts definitely have a bad rep for being reminiscent of chewing on a dry granola bar. This one was so so so easy to make i can’t even tell you and not dry at all. All you do is sauté your onions and mix them in with all your other ingredients in a bowl, then I put mine in a loaf tin and in half hour its done! I did really like it, the sage reminds me of sausagemeat my mum makes at Christmas and kind of gives it a meaty flavour. When I turned it out of the tin I was hoping it would be a solid enough structure that I could slice it neatly but as it flopped out onto the plate, I realised that wasn’t going to happen. Nevertheless, it was really easy and really tasty and I would definitely try again for a Sunday roast.

I wanted to make the carrots and parsnips a bit more interesting than just steaming them. So i found this on Waitrose’ website for maple roast carrots and parsnips. http://www.waitrose.com/home/recipes/recipe_directory/m/maple-roast-parsnipsandcarrots.html

Really really tasty. I personally don’t like veg thats too sweet, so a light drizzle of this maple syrup, mustard and olive oil combo over your veg before roasting gives them a really nice golden brown coating!

Now here’s the thing, for me, good roast potatoes are absolutely key to the perfect roast. You want them crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. These are just that! http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/member-recipes/recipe-detail/1025/

Absolutely cannot fault these, they were everything I like! They take about 50 minutes in the oven and they are so worth it! A great alternative to goose/ duck fat roast potatoes.

The only element I didn’t like was the gravy. I love Aine Carlin and all her recipes but I didn’t really like this gravy. It was really easy, only a couple of ingredients but for me it was too sweet. Here is a video of how to make:


For me, this gravy really didn’t have that depth of flavour I think you need in a good gravy but if you like a sweeter, lighter gravy that is really easy, quick to make and has minimal ingredients, this could be the one for you.

I am aiming to try this one below, which looks incred.


I hope this gives you some ideas if you want a vegetarian/ vegan Christmas! It certainly did for me!

I am aiming to try another load of recipes before Christmas day that is a slightly more special, ‘fancy’ version of everything I’ve made today to see what I prefer to have on the big day.



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