Christmas Curry

As December begins, we are that little bit closer to Christmas and i cannot wait!

This will be my first vegan Christmas and if it’s the same for you, never fear! There are loads of great recipes out there that will make your vegan Christmas as good as everyone elses. Once again, Jamie Oliver impresses me as he offers a whole host of vegan Christmas recipes on his website, check them out by following this link: With everything from vegan gravy, mince pies, chutneys, sage and orange roasted potatoes, you name it, it’s all there to make your vegan/ vegetarian Christmas just as delicious, magical and festive as everyone elses.

I thought i’d take the opportunity to make food the whole of December that has a slightly festive theme. So my first festive themed recipe is a Christmas curry from Jamie Oliver, recipe below:

There’s something about a curry that does remind me of Christmas. I think a lot of people have Christmas curries this time of year that they make using up all the leftovers of Christmas dinner so it is a tradition in a lot of households to have that Christmas curry.

This recipe did take a long time to make. I’m going to say it took me about 2 hours in total as there are quite a lot of separate elements that come together in the end. You also need to make your own spice blend using a pestle and mortar which did take a while to grind it into fine granules. I definitely think if you’re looking for a big dish to impress people with, this is definitely the one! The heat of it was perfect and the ginger elements with the spices create a really nice warm, fragrant taste.

I’ve also found a couple of good sites that have some great festive recipes for Christmas which you can find at the bottom of this post.



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