Vegetable Noodle Soup with Ginger Miso Broth

Like every other person I’ve been super under the weather this week, and when you’re not feeling too good you gotta eat your vegetables and get your vitamins. This recipe has two particularly great ingredients in that should help you on your way to getting back to your best self.

The first is ginger. The broth in this recipe is made with large chunks of fresh ginger. Not only is ginger really warming, but it helps to combat nausea and historically has been used to alleviate pain and discomfort in the stomach. Ginger is regarded as a carminative, it promotes the elimination of excessive gas from the digestive system and soothes the intestinal tract. Also, with the leftover ginger from this recipe you can make ginger tea by putting the leftover ginger slices in a mug with hot water and i like to add a bit of lemon juice too, which creates an amazing warming hot drink. Ginger tea is a diaphoretic tea which means it induces perspiration which is great for getting rid of a cold! Who’d have thought this weird looking root could do so many great things!

The next ingredient is miso. Miso is a Japanese ingredient made from fermented soy beans and it comes in loads of different flavours. Because its fermented its got loads of probiotics and so does a load of good things for your gut. Always add it last to your soup because if you add it first the heat will kill off all the goodness.

This dish is also packed with a load of other goodies and you can find the recipe here:

All in all i think this took me 20 mins to make from start to finish so it really is a quick  meal. If you’re looking for something easy that is really fresh, crisp and light then this is the one.

If you’ve got any natural remedies of your own for colds or for anything else i’d love to know your thoughts, in the comments below?




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