Alkalising Green Soup + Before The Flood

As winter sets in and its start to get a lot colder, its time to make soup! This particular soup is incredible not only in its vibrant colour, but in its wonderful ingredients packed with load of great vitamins and minerals that are super kind to your digestive system, and taste bloomin great.

This recipe comes from the BBC Good Food website:

Its got all the goodies in including kale, broccoli, courgette, garlic, lime, parsley, turmeric and fresh ginger. This was super easy to make and I will admit, as soon as I finished the first batch I made I immediately made another. Also, if you’re struggling to get your 5 a day smoothies and soups are a great way to get a lot of fruit and veg in one go. This soup was a definite winner for me and its the most amazing colour!

On another topic, last week I watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s new climate change documentary ‘Before The Flood’ and I was eager to see if he would include any information on how our diet choices affect the environment. I did have a vague idea that Leonardo DiCaprio was aware of the damaging effect of animal agriculture on the environment as in 2014 he was executive producer on a documentary called ‘Cowspiracy’ which goes into this exact issue in detail. Its very eye opening and a great watch, would recommend! Anyway, as I eagerly settled down to watch Before The Flood, Leonardo did not disappoint me as he began to discuss the damaging effect of the palm oil industry, and animal agriculture. Hooray for Leo!

Whilst watching, one particular quote that stayed with me was from a man named Gidon Eshel who is a Research Professor of Environmental Science and Physics.

“If you want something that you can do without appealing to any higher authority such as government or whatever I can’t think of an easier out than changing your diet, you can start tonight!”

Check him out below!


If you’ve seen Before The Flood would love to hear your thoughts!



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