Toffee Apple Upside Down Cake

We all know who Jamie Oliver is and if you take a look his website you’ll find a whole host of vegan and vegetarian recipes and Jamie himself does promote the benefits of the vegan diet.

As part of his ‘food revolution’ (which i will be writing a full post on soon), Jamie Oliver aims to expose the ugly truths about the food industry and in particular to encourage our eduction system to teach children about where food comes from, how our food is produced and the importance of eating food with good nutritional value. He is also very passionate on the subject of animal welfare and even though he does eat meat and dairy anyone that promotes this is good in my book!

But onto the cake, this recipe is amazing! Here it is:

I’ve not cooked many of his recipes before but this one I literally cannot fault. It was simple, there aren’t too many ingredients and the ingredients you do need are all things you’ll find in any supermarket with absolute ease. The apples i used were courtesy of my cousin who has an amazing apple tree in his garden (thank you so much if you are reading this!) The cake was not too sweet and the combination of apple, toffee and walnuts was an absolute winner!




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