Superfood Chocolate Chia Cookies

If you’re looking for a simple, easy, sweet treat, this is the one.

Also, according to Deliciously Ella “The chia seeds help to create this awesome crunch as they absorb up to ten times their weight in liquid once so they act as a glue sticking all the other ingredients together. They’re also amazingly good for you! They’re one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for keeping you heart healthy, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and reducing your risk of cardiovascular and heart disease. As well as being full of fibre, which aids the digestion process, protein, calcium, iron and zinc!”

Whats not to like eh?

You can find the recipe here:

But i want to review this recipe in two sections. First off.


Super easy! You just grind the nuts to a fine flour consistency, then add all the other ingredients and blend baby, blend! The food processor i have is Kenwood FPP225 as it got great reviews on Amazon and the price was very reasonable. I use the blender every day for my green smoothies, and the food processor a couple of times a week. It is absolutely perfect for me! But it may not be suited to processing larger bulks of ingredients. For this recipe i halved the ingredients and my food processor was pretty full. Also, the mixture is quite dense and sticky so i had to poke the mixture around quite a bit to get it moving again but nevertheless we both made it and a sticky, gooey cookie mixture was produced!

In terms of the actual baking, this is where i struggled. My oven is particularly fierce so i always knock of about 10 degrees of any recommended temperature. But even with this cooler oven, some of the cookies still burnt slightly on the edges. Not ideal, but the other 90% were perfectly fine.


I personally don’t like anything to be sickly sweet so the taste of these are absolutely perfect! They have quite a subtle chocolate taste which is amazing!

So all in all pretty successful. I would score them a 7/10.





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