Self-confidence Sunday!

I have been vegan for about two and a half months now. Ive had some odd looks from people when I’ve told them. I’ve had uncomfortable conversations with waiters at restaurants where i feel like I’m being ‘that awkward customer’ that no one wants to deal with. But i recently was having a conversation with a friend on the topic of animal welfare. He said he absolutely understood why people would be vegetarian/ vegan but his pessimism reared its ugly head when he thought about becoming vegetarian/ vegan himself. His view was along the lines of “what difference can one person make if everyone else eats meat anyway?”

Thats when i thought of this quote which i found on a little post it note. The biggest change can start with just one single person. Now, I’m not saying I’m going to make the world go vegan. But every time i choose not to buy animal products, i am doing ‘small things with great love’, i think where i choose to put my pound, makes a difference even if it only is a small one. Whatever your ‘thing’ is and whatever your passion is or whatever just feels right to you, stay true to it and you’ll never be disappointed.



Self-confidence Sunday



4 thoughts on “Self-confidence Sunday!

  1. This is great; thank you for sharing this with me! Your quote reminded me very much of the following charge from one of my graduate school professors: “You change your piece of the world and I’ll change mine. Together we can all make a real difference, but it starts with you.”


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