Turning Vegan and Seaweed Skincare

Bear with me, seaweed skincare works. Trust. But, firstly i want to talk about what led me to talk about skincare.

So yet another hurdle to going vegan, was coming to terms with changing all my normal ‘buying’ habits. Where i bought my clothes from, what shoes i bought, where i bought my make up from, what shampoo to buy and the list goes on! As veganism not only affects the food you eat there are many products and items that include ingredients derived from animals, things you wouldn’t have even thought of like shampoo! When turning vegan, i decided to take each part in stages.

First, food. Second, skincare/ make up. Third, clothes. As the first two are things i use basically on a daily basis in my life these were the priority. Clothes? I’ll worry about that later it gets to autumn/ winter and England is back to being cold and rainy and i need to stock up on big jumpers.

Breaking it down like this made the whole transition so much easier for me as i would research the thing i needed (ingredients to avoid etc.) and where i could potentially buy it from  before i would go out to actually buy the thing. I would absolutely recommend doing it this way to anyone considering going vegan as i know how daunting and overwhelming it can be to change your buying/ eating happens of a lifetime! Never fear! Just break it down, take each step as it comes and you will be fine.

So, onto the second thing i want to talk about, Seaweed Skincare from The Body Shop! So i needed new face wash and after trawling round my usual places with not much luck, i ended up in The Body Shop. I never really used to consider them as i always made the false assumption their prices were too much but i was very pleasantly surprised.

The Body Shop aim to ‘enrich not exploit’, are absolutely committed to not testing any of their products on animals and all their products are vegetarian or vegan. To find out which products are vegan, i just asked the shop assistants who were super helpful in recommending to me. I chose to buy the Seaweed skincare range as it is intended for greasy skin, so perfect for me. It aims to balance oil and grease and mattify your face with a shine free effect, and it really really does work! I suffer from greasy, shiny skin and after using these products for a day i could see the difference immediately. Without any make up whatsoever my skin was not shiny, or greasy but looked bright and moisturised and it remained like this all day! Ive been using all these products (face wash, toner and moisturiser) twice a day for the last two months and i cannot recommend enough and to top to all of, not that expensive either!



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