A weekend in Cambridge feat. The Rainbow Cafe and the Fudge Kitchen

This weekend i got to spend Saturday and Sunday in beautiful Cambridge visiting museums, punting along the river and, of course, eating some great vegan food!

My visit to Cambridge welcomed my first experience eating at a fully vegetarian/ vegan restaurant. Just opposite Kings College, tucked away down a small meandering side street sits the Rainbow Cafe. The menu offered a wide selection of choices but i decided to go for the Tagine L’Algerienne . Sweet potatoes, aubergine and roasted carrot chunks served in a tomato casserole with cous cous, rice and green lentils. YUMMY! It was so nice to walk into a restaurant and be spoilt for vegan choices! Prices were very reasonable also and the atmosphere was very quaint and relaxed.  The Rainbow Cafe are fully approved by the vegetarian society and they make everything with natural ingredients without additives, colourings or flavourings. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who is in the area and is vegan or likes vegan/ vegetarian food!


Another place that i have to mention is the Fudge Kitchen. As you walk in you can see them making the fudge by hand and all their fudge is made with natural ingredients. As i stood drooling at the amazing array of flavours they offered, one little sign just made my day read ‘vegan options available’! So i quickly snapped up a chunky slab of vegan sea salted caramel fudge and it is absolutely divine!

All in all, my experience in Cambridge was fantastic. I feel that if you follow a fairly strict diet, and you are someone like me who likes to eat three times a day, it can sometimes be quite daunting going somewhere new as you don’t know whether you will be able to find food or not. But i felt i had a variety of choices in Cambridge which made eating easy and stress free.



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