Bean Chilli, Guacamole and Chickpea wraps

Todays food comes from (once again, i will try some other recipe books another time soon i promise), Deliciously Ella. But today, i want to give focus as to how easy each dish was to make.

Bean Chilli:

Absolutely loved this. Very wholesome, comfort food for me and it was so easy to make! The prep time is virtually zero (all you have to do is chop some garlic and grate some carrots). Then you just add it to a big saucepan, with the beans, passata, puree etc, cook for 10 mins and voila! Very easy, and so so cheap aswell. Portion size was spot on for me too.

Guacamole: I made this up. I added one avocado, 6 cherry tomatoes finely chopped, salt and pepper and 1/4 of a lime juice to a bowl, which i then mashed up with a fork and guacamole was created! Next time, i would add a little less lime but it was so fresh and delicious!

Chickpea wrap: This was from Deliciously Ellas book and, as you can probably tell from the pictures, it didn’t go very well. You basically mix gram flour (chickpea flour) with water, mixed herbs, salt and pepper and flaxseed, whisk the batter and place in a hot pan greased with olive oil. You have to then add mixture to the pan, then squish the mixture into a round tortilla wrap shape and it has to be really thin.

The recipe made 4 wraps. The first one stuck to the pan so had to be binned. The second (the small one in the picture) was too small but tasted pretty good. The third, the pan was WAY too hot and the mixture cooked immediately before i had time to spread it out in the pan which looked like some kind of scrambled egg! Thus, had to be binned. The fourth (the big one in the picture), i threw the last of the mixture in in a last ditch attempt (by this point i was getting a bit frustrated) and it turned into a super thick pancake type thing. But tasted fine and was eaten with enthusiasm by me.

All in all, was a success. The bean chilli was my favourite as it was warm and big and nourishing, and although the wraps were a disaster, i would attempt to make again.




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