How To Make Hummus + Deliciously Ella

Hummus, Humus or Houmous?! Not entirely sure which is the correct way to spell but who cares because it tastes bloody gorgeous! Such a simple and filling food, perfect as a healthy snack in those hungry fridge raiding moments.

The recipe i have tested today is from the wonderful Deliciously Ella. If you haven’t heard of Ella you are missing out! Her plant based, gluten free recipes appeal to me for their simplicity and accessibility and on the whole her recipes all include ingredients that can be found in every supermarket (however there is the odd speciality ingredient thrown in for good measure now and again, any idea what ‘psyllium husk powder’is? me neither). But do not let this put you off! It good to try slightly more bizarre ingredients now and again. Variety is the spice of life as they say! Anyway, Ella’s wonderfully positive and super excited attitude to the food she cooks and lifestyle she lives inspires me every single day.

I discovered Ella when browsing one day on Amazon as her recipe books are one of the most popular under the vegan cookbook category. Her story is pretty amazing. After being diagnosed with a serious illness called ‘Postural Tachycardia Syndrome’ (the breaking down of her autonomic nervous system), her health spiralled downward and she was bed ridden 90% of the time in chronic pain and suffering from blackouts, stomach issues and heart palpitations. But, through a drastic change to a healthy plant based, gluten free diet her health started to improve and she started to heal herself!! If thats not inspiring i don’t know what is? PLANT POWER!

Her youtube channel is fantastic as she has vlogged many of her recipes and i find it a great place to go to get ideas for simple and delicious vegan meals. I also find watching other people cook extremely therapeutic, not sure if that makes me strange or not?!

So, back to the food, here is the recipe on her website:

I love the taste of this hummus! I decided to try this recipe without the basil leaves (not because i dislike them, i just didn’t have any) and also because i treated myself to a brand new sparkling food processor and was so excited to blend things! The hummus was slightly chunky which i liked, but more blending would have made it creamier if you prefer. The tahini (my new favourite ingredient discovery, so delicious!) gives the hummus a slight nutty taste whilst the lemon juice keeps it fresh.

Hope you like it too

Happy cooking




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